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What Is Syndication?

Part of my goal of this blog is to educate the general public about real estate lingo and various topics in real estate.

This week, I wanted to explain what syndication is, because it’s a huge part of my companies marketing plan, and how we reach everyone on the internet looking for your home.

Syndicating is when we take our listing – your home – and advertise its information among multiple other websites. At our company, we syndicate, or market your house for sale on over 40 real estate websites! This allows maximum coverage, so no matter what, when someone searches for a home, no matter what website they use, your home will pop up. The house can pop up using similar price, area, city, or certain keywords they might be looking for.

Here is a sample list, as I don’t want to bore you the list of over 40 websites that your home is now being advertised through.

Craigslist, Backpages, Point to homes, Trulia, Oodle, Homefinder, Realty showcase, Zillow, Real estate active, The housing block, Real, Listing free,,…etc

So when you choose me, you’re not just relying on me to market it to my circle of agents,  i’m marketing it to everyone looking on the internet! Contact me if you would like to sell your home, or if you have been looking on the internet for a home and need help taking the next step.

That’s all for now! Have A Great Weekend Everyone!