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Top 5 Projects to Increase Your Homes Market Value

August 2, 2011 Leave a comment

This is a great question that I get a lot from clients getting ready to sell their house. Since there are so many sellers out there, the best way to get your house exposed is to update the house. you don’t have to invest in big-dollar repairs and restorations. I will show you how a couple inexpensive repairs will work wonders against the competition!


1. Paint:  Interior and the exterior – but choose wisely, if you pick a bad color, you’ve actually wasted money. Look up trending colors for your area which should be a light, neutral color. The front door  is one of the first things people see, and even if its subliminal, it’s a big factor whether they choose your house or not. Look at the neighbors houses around you; you don’t want the same color as your neighbor so try to stand out. If you have shutters, you should paint the front door the same color as them.


2. Get your house Inspected: You’re not actually adding any direct value to your home, but for less than $500, you can have a professional inspector pick out basic maintainance that needsto be taken care of before you deal with aesthetic upgrades. This will save you lots of  time instead of waiting until you have a buyer ready to buy. they can’t buy until it passes inspection, so its best to take care of all the minor details that needs fixing, then worry about  making your house look pretty.


3. Clean the carpets and buffer the hardwoods: This should be done at the last-minute, especially if you plan to paint. Buffering the hardwoods adds a great shine to them and should increase the value of your home tremendously. Cleaning the carpets (if their not too worn out) take any odors out of the carpet and make the house more presentable.


4. Update the light fixtures: For less than $100, you can buy an updated chandelier or dining room table light that creates a more modern look to your home. Check out websites such as Lighting Universe: They have every lighting fixture for every situation, and is a great tool to start researching.


5. update windows to vinyl: This usually increases your value for two reasons; vinyl windows look
nicer and slide easier than old rickety windows, but vinyl windows are also high quality and save money on your energy bills, which is a great way to market your house if the competition hasn’t updated their windows.


If you have any more questions about other great updates, or if you would like a free consultation to find out what you should do to your house to increase its value, contact me any time!